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Quote1 I speak only for myself, Dr. Will Tornado, but... but I say... whatever god you are, these machines have more divinity in their metal hearts than you. And you can go to hell. Quote2
Doc Tornadosrc

The Metal League were created by Doc Tornado to be the premier superheroes on Earth 44.


They regularly oppose their creator's nemesis Tin Morrow and his creations like Metalmorpho.[1]

They helped protect the multiverse from the threat of The Gentry.[2] When beings from the Dark Multiverse invaded the real multiverse, Iron Batman was corrupted against his teammates, forcing the League to battle him.[3] During the Justice/Doom War, the Metal League refused to side with Perpetua, doing battle with her Apex Predators. They were destroyed along with their world, although they presumably returned when the multiverse was restored.[4][5]

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