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The Metal Men were animated metal robots and allies of Batman (Terry McGinnis).


After years of work, Doctor William Magnus created a group of intelligent beings made of living metal. Powered by the Responsometer, the robots gained the ability to have thoughts and feelings like humans. Working for years as a superhero team, the Metal Men disappeared around the same time the Justice League was fighting CADMUS. Unknown to anyone, CADMUS had "recruited" Doc Magnus, hoping to make him build an army of his creations. When he refused to cooperate, Magnus was killed to keep CADMUS' plans a secret, and the secrets of the Metal Men died with him. What no one knew was that Magnus had preemptively deactivated his creations, hiding their responsometers with people he trusted and using the remnants of their bodies to fashion various objects he scattered with friends and acquaintances.

By Terry McGinnis's time period, the Metal Men had been all but forgotten. Anarchist leader Rebel-1, however, had discovered the fate of the robots and spent years gathering enough of their materials and finding the responsometers, which she reforged into the team's combined form, Alloy. Remotely controlling the robot, Rebel-1 forced Alloy to rampage across Gotham, destroying anything that got in their way. Terry and his friend Max were able to deactivate the remote signal and let the Metal Men regain control of themselves just in time to protect the people of Gotham from a collapsing building. With the battle over, Terry brought the team to Wayne Manor, where Bruce was able to fill them in on all that had happened since their deactivation. Scared and confused without Doc, the Metal Men wondered what to do with themselves, but Bruce, as always, had a solution for them. Providing them with the Injustice Gang's old satellite headquarters as a new base of operations, Bruce explained that with the Metal Men's untiring metal bodies and incorruptible personalities, they could be what Doc Magnus wanted them to be, an unstoppable force of good who could be there when other heroes couldn't.

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