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The Metal Men were a United States covert ops group, composed of their commander, Marcus Moore, his second-in-command, Sam Schwartz, John Holliday (Hawkman), Francis Powell (Black Lightning), Carl Walters (Gravedigger), and Rey Quinones (Lobo).


They were called the Metal Men for their seeming invulnerability, and their habit of coming back from dangerous missions without any loss or injuries.

The Metal Men were active during the Czech War of 1968 and were responsible for quickly ending the war by securing the Soviet super weapon, the Red Tornado warhead. However, this was not without the loss of Marcus Moore, who was killed for attempting to launch the Red Tornado on Moscow. Soon afterwards the Metal Men disbanded.

Schwartz later became President of the United States, with Holliday his chief of staff. Moore was later revealed to have survive, and controls the secret agency Nightwing, with Walters and Powell assisting him.

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