Metalhead was a ruthless assassin who wanted to join Black Mask as a member of the False Face Society.

However, Black Mask just recently went missing and the False Face gang was captured by the police. Metalhead killed everyone that couldn't give him an answer of Black Mask's whereabouts and his killing spree continued until he was told to look at the Gotham Cemetery, on the Sionis's Family crypt.

Metalhead went to the place and found Batman was already there. They fought each other and Batman managed to beat Metalhead, despite the armored suit he was wearing and despite the fact that Bruce's physical condition wasn't the best. Metalhead was left unconscious on the cemetery for the police to pick up.[1]


  • Weaponry: His suit was made of leather and has spikes on the gloves and hood. Additionally, the hood is attached to a spiked whip on the top of his head that he uses to lash at his opponents.



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