Quote1 I try so hard! But every time, they tear it down all over again! It's just how they're built. I should know... until I got my computer brain, I used to think just like them. But you, stranger... you're different, aren't you? Quote2
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Metallo is the "greatest hero" of Bizopolis and an enemy of the Unjustice League of Unamerica.

When a stranger visited their world, Metallo was in the process of capturing the entire Unjustice League and reign Bizarroworld, but was stopped by both Bizarro and the stranger who released the League only so they can destroy the city and leave it messy all over again.

Metallo told Superman that they could stop their madness together, but Superman saw no danger and decided to return home, but was stopped by an unexpected monster.[1]



  • Genius Level Intellect: When Metallo got his computer brain, he developed an intelligence far superior to others of his planet.[1]



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