Metron helped Darkseid in delivering the last Kryptonian, Kal-El, to the dark god after intercepting the infant's spaceship, which was destined for Earth. Metron had his own reasons for Kal-El's upbringing under Darkseid, in which he, as a scientist, was interested to see how the Kryptonian live and adapt to the harsh environs of Apokolips.

Metron later fell into Darkseid's ire when it was learned that Metron deliberately withheld knowledge of Kal-El's spaceship which possessed a databank containing crucial information to the Anti-Life Equation, in which it was completely solved by the Kryptonians. Metron stated that the Anti-Life Equation was too great for anyone, including Darkseid, to wield. He then attempted to escape from Darkseid's wrath, but the dark god neutralized his Mobius Chair and the New God was instantly vaporized by Darkseid.





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