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Quote1 S.C.U. has given up trying to keep the peace. It's a war-zone here. The cops are outpowered and outgunned... and the best we can hope for is to get out of this mess alive. Quote2
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The Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, or SCU, was a branch sector of the greater Metropolis Police Department. Known informally as the SCU, this task force specialized in resolving criminal matters that were otherwise considered too extreme for the average police officer to handle. They cooperated in tandem with the efforts of Metropolis' resident super-hero, Superman, and have actually saved his life on more than one occasion.


Not long after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the SCU opened a second branch in Washington, D.C. headed by Captain Brian "Sal" Arsala, a former member of the Metropolis SCU.[1]

Following the "Battle of Metropolis", members of the SCU reverse-engineered a Kryptonian Warsuit and developed a new Simm-Bot armor for their agents. These armors were first deployed during a time when Superman was acting erratically after discovering that he might in fact not be the real Superman.[2]



  • Simm-Bot: A bulky suit of armor based on technology found within a Kryptonian Warsuit. (Formerly)
  • Leviathan Armor System: A prototype battlesuit equipped with non-lethal weaponry.


  • Energy Weapons
  • Max Charge
  • Over-Loader

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