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Mi-Sun Kwon also known as Nudge is a member of the Doom Patrol with powers of mind control and persuasion.

She is usually seen working in tandem with her friend Grunt, who she joined the team with simultaneously, along with Vortex. She once was caught by the vampire, Crucifer. Crucifer used Nudge's powers to hypnotize metahuman children into going to Crucifer's palace.

Regretting her actions, She gave the JLA and Doom Patrol vital information which helped defeat Crucifer, and also assisted in the battle against The Tenth Circle.

Eventually, she was gunned down in action during a fight on Oolong Island.



  • Indomitable Will: People sufficiently trained in exercising their own willpower are able to overcome Nudge's suggestions. For example, although she was able to control the Man of Steel, her powers were useless against Green Lantern, and he was able to ignore her.[1]



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