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Quote1.png Oliver Queen... I'm doing this whether you want me to or not... I'm telling you... this is the life I'm choosing. I want to fight by your side. Please... let me do it at your side. Quote2.png
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The second Speedy was Mia Dearden, a young runaway taken in by Green Arrow.


Mia Dearden was a teenage girl who, at the age of 11, ran away from home after being abused and molested by her father for years. Unable to survive on her own, she was taken in by a pimp named Richard, who offered her shelter and food in exchange for trafficking her into a prostitution ring.[1]

Green Arrow

Mia was rescued from one of her clients, a depraved local politician, by "Green Arrow" Oliver Queen, who had just recently returned from the dead. Mia was allowed to stay with Oliver, who was busy trying to reconstruct his own life, on the caveat that she not tell anyone about his double-life as a vigilante. Mia continually petitioned Green Arrow to allow her to serve as his sidekick, but Ollie continually demurred, not wanting to put another youngster at risk.[2] As Oliver Queen got his life back in order, Mia fantasized that she would one day become Green Arrow's new crime-fighting partner and began taking up practice with the bow. Once the Emerald Archer learned of her desire, he nipped it in the bud, instead emphasizing that she concentrate on her academic studies. Mia began to work after classes in the Star City Youth Recreational Center with Queen and his son, Connor Hawke.

When Mia tested positive for HIV, a legacy from her years on the street, she was more determined than ever to do something special with her life. Green Arrow felt he at least owed it to Mia to give her a chance. Mia became his sidekick, the second one to don the costumed identity of Speedy.[3] To complement her training, Mia also joined the Teen Titans at Ollie's request, though she did so at first reluctantly. After facing foes such as Doctor Light and the new Brother Blood, Mia left the Titans shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. During the Lost Year, she trained heavily in various forms of the martial arts alongside Ollie and Connor under the tutelage of many of the world's greatest martial artists. She has committed herself to working with Team Arrow, and has already begun establishing her own network of street contacts throughout Star City.

After the marriage of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, Mia continued to operate as Speedy, and accompanied Team Arrow throughout the rescue of Oliver from Themyscira and the subsequent pursuit of the League of Assassins. During this time, she met and developed a crush on British ally Dodger, who she began a relationship with. She has since relocated to London to be with him. She returned just in time to witness Ollie leaving. Mia later left Dodger because she found him kissing the actress Emma Watson. She returns in a black costume with black arrows, differentiating her from the green costume that Ollie wears and the red that Roy sports as Red Arrow.

Teen Titans

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Cry for Justice

Mia was babysitting Roy Harper's daughter Lian, but was called away when the Electrocutioner was sighted planting bombs created by Prometheus in Star City, which were intended to move Star City to an alternate universe. The bombs, however, did not teleport the city, but instead began destroying it. To Mia's horror, the bombs destroy their home and killed Lian.[4] In "Rise and Fall", Mia attacks Electrocutioner in her rage, holding him hostage with the intent to kill him.[5] Green Arrow arrives and convinces Mia that killing is not the answer, and takes Electrocutioner into custody.[6]


  • Acrobatics[citation needed]
  • Archery: Green Arrow has taken Mia under his wing, training her with a bow and arrow. Mia has been ardently practicing her skills, and honing her bowmanship techniques. She is a proficient archer and uses a recurve bow well.[citation needed]
  • Martial Arts: Mia is a vastly above-average fighter, having trained underneath many of the world's top martial artists.[citation needed]
  • Swordsmanship: Green Arrow and Connor Hawke trained her to be a swordswoman, resulting in her becoming exceptionally skilled.[citation needed]
  • Computer Hacking: Mia has hacked databases to find the criminal records, and current whereabouts, of various people of interest.[7]

Other Characteristics

  • AIDS: Having contracted HIV,[8] Mia Dearden must take the AIDS cocktail and keep herself in excellent physical condition.





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