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By 2009, the teenaged Mia Dearden had been forced into prostitution by Rick DeGroot. Oliver Queen found Mia in an underground fight club and took her in, helping her off the streets and away from Rick.[2] After she was kidnapped by Vordigan and learned that Oliver was Green Arrow, she began training under him.[3] However, after some time, Oliver began to be distracted by other matters and sent Mia to Dinah Lance (the Black Canary). Dinah wasn't up for the mentor role either, but under Dinah Mia developed her own costumed persona, Speedy. Later, Dinah sent Mia to San Francisco, to be trained alongside other younger
Mia as Speedy.

Mia as Speedy.
members of the Watchtower Network. Together with the other youngsters, Mia became a founding member of the Titans.[4]





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