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Mia "Maps" Mizoguchi is an excitable and curious Gotham Academy student. She is the founder of the academy's secret "Detective Club", which investigates the unusual and occasionally supernatural occurrences at the school. Maps has a deep love of fantasy, exploration, and cartography -- the latter being source of her nickname.

Maps is the youngest child of a wealthy family who shares an acquaintance with Bruce Wayne, and her father is a short story writer.[1] Like many wealthy Gothamites, her family enrolled her and her older brother Kyle in Gotham Academy. She became a first-year student when Kyle was in his final year, reuniting with her best friend Olive Silverlock, Kyle's girlfriend.

The Ghost of Gotham Academy

The club confronting the school's "supernatural" occurences.

Maps and Olive investigated reports of ghost on campus; the two joined forces with Pomeline Fritch, a haughty bully of Olive's with an interest in the occult, and Colton Rivera, a delinquent with lock-picking skills. The group eventually discovered that the "ghostly" eyes seen within the school were Killer Croc's, a friend of Olive's mother who had escaped Arkham Asylum.[2][3] The group tracked Croc through the school's secret, centuries-old underground tunnels, which connected the asylum to the academy; though he meant the students no harm, he was forced to flee when Batman was on his trail.

Maps decided to form a secret Detective Club with the group and her older brother in order to formally investigate the connection between the asylum and the school. Not long afterwards, one of their leads was covertly stolen by Robin, who also enrolled in the Academy as a civilian.[4] After a magical mishap bound them together, the two befriended each other during their mission to free themselves. Once freed, Professor Scarlet attempted to convince them it was in their imagination, though they later found evidence that the spell was undone. After Damian took the fall for the ordeal and was expelled, he gifted Maps a Batarang before leaving.[5]

The Rules of Superhero Club

Maps later attended the funeral for Olive's mother, who had passed away while incarcerated. While investigating the possibility that her death was faked, Maps came face-to-face with Red Robin, who believed her to be part of the "We Are Robin" movement.[6] Through him, Maps learned that Olive's mother was latest in a long line of blood-related, white-haired supervillains called "Calamity", who once terrorized Gotham with her pyrokinetic abilities until she was apprehended by Batman and the first Robin. Dr. Hugo Strange had hoped to coax Calamity out of Olive for his own gain, but was thwarted by the Detective Club.[7]

The Robin movement sweeps the Academy.

As the "We Are Robin" movement continued, it was outlawed in Gotham City and academy students found participating were expelled. When prominent movement member Riko Sheridan was transferred to the academy, she earned the admiration of Maps; however, Olive reported Sheridan to the authorities to protect Maps from being put in danger by association. Maps was stopped from intercepting the police by Robin, who assured her that Olive's decision was for the best. He had hidden gear around the campus for Maps' perusal, promised her that he would keep in touch when her help is needed, and asked that she avoid adventures until then.[8] Sometime later, he gifted her a first edition copy of the Serpents and Spells handbook.[9]

During a night spent mapping the secret corridors of the school with Olive, an ecstatic Maps encountered the first Batgirl, who was searching the Academy's library for sought-after blueprints of the "Negahedron" weapon. When it was stolen by the commander of the evil group Gladius, Maps helped subdue her using her Batarang and then assisted in deciphering the blueprint. Batgirl remarked that Maps reminds her of a good friend and joked about the "rules of superhero club".[10] The commander later returned, intent on getting revenge by attacking the entire school. However, Batgirl was able to stop her for good by utilizing Maps' blueprints of the academy.[11]

Amity Arkham's Revenge

A friendship under threat.

When Maps returned to the academy after Christmas break, she was disappointed to find that Olive had become increasingly cold and aloof. The group eventually uncovered too late that Olive's deteriorating behavior was due to the presence of the burned witch Amity Arkham's soul within her. Amity was the original Calamity and Olive's ancestor, whose possessions plagued her descendants (including Olive's mother) and coerced them into becoming Calamity against their will.[12][13]

Olive's fear and confusion accidentally caused her to become Calamity on a rampage against the descendants of those who burned Amity at the stake. The club's attempt to exhume her remains for an exorcism spell were thwarted by the "Terrible Trio", the school's hostile, centuries-old secret society. Maps managed to deduce the leader's identity as Amanda Lydecker, descendant of the architect behind Arkham Asylum and the Academy. Lydecker revealed that the group protected Amity because her ancestor believed her destruction of the city will cleanse it; to this end, he designed both facilities in such a manner as to protect her existence.[14]

Maps renounced her friendship with Olive after Kyle was severely injured by Calamity's hand, furious that Olive allowed it to happen. Damian, as Robin, implored her not to give up on her friend and gave her a Robin mask as she set out to end things once and for all.[15] As Colton and Pomeline completed the spell, Maps confronted Calamity and convinced Olive that she was a good person and distinct from Calamity. Emboldened by Maps' faith, Olive fought back long enough for Amity to be sealed back into the Book. With Olive finally freed from Amity's torment, the group happily reunited and with time, their lives went back to relative normalcy.[16]

Gotham River Murders

The academy once again became host to strange occurrences when a student vanished before the holidays, followed by reports of body parts washing up from the Gotham River. Maps took it upon herself to investigate by suiting up in a homemade Robin costume and sneaking into the missing girl's home, but was confronted by Batman.[1] Against his insistence, she aided him in locating the girl and a horde of kappa. The girl explained that she found them and lured them underground to keep the public safe, but they began hunting humans when she ran out of food. With her rescued and animal control on their way, Batman escorted "Robin" home.

Although Batman discussed the mission's remainder with a pleased Maps in the Batmobile, he refused her offer to assist him as his Robin. He chastised her for heading into danger and sternly insisted she limit her detective work to school grounds. Undeterred, Maps continued her investigation through the night. Noticing that the kappa were young and frequented the victim's house even after being lured away, she deduced that their parent must be within and had Katherine call Batman for backup as she headed there alone. There, she discovered a giant kappa that lunged to eat her. Paralyzed with fear, Maps was helpless until Batman arrived and subdued the kappa, comforting "Robin" as she fell to tears.

After the incident, a pensive Maps sat by the river and discussed her near-death experience with Katherine, who was scared to have nearly lost her friend. She asked if Maps still wanted to be Robin in light of experiencing its dangers; although Maps didn't respond, she thought for a moment and smiled.[17]


  • Artistry[2]
  • Cartography: Maps keeps numerous cartographic tools and even has decent knowledge of building construction.[18]
  • Investigation
  • Lock Picking: Colton has been teaching Maps how to pick locks, though she's as of yet a novice.
  • Multilingualism: Maps speaks English and Japanese.[19]
  • Throwing: Maps has gotten adept at utilizing her gifted Batarang in many ways.


  • Clay hairclip: Maps' friend Katharine, an aspect of Clayface, has formed part of herself into Maps' trademark flower hair accessory to protect her. She can control it to assist Maps,[20] hear and see her surroundings, and track her location.[13]

  • As of Batgirl #52, Maps was 14 years old.
  • Despite her intelligence, Maps' grades in school are apparently quite poor.[12]
  • Maps is aware of Terry McGinnis' identity as the Batman of a possible future.[21]
  • Maps is a huge fan of Batman and fantasizes about becoming Robin. She once snuck into the GCPD precinct to activate the bat-signal and prove herself to him, but fell asleep before he arrived. He returned her to her dorm and signed her drawings of the two of them.[22]
    • Her Robin costume appears within the Batcave in the potential future of Future State, suggesting that she accomplished her dream in this timeline.[23][1]