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Mia 'Maps' Mizoguchi is an excitable and curious student of Gotham Academy and one of Olive Silverlock's best friends, as well as the little sister of her boyfriend Kyle.

Maps became a first-year student at Gotham Academy the year her elder brother Kyle was in his final year, and was assigned Olive as a guide to get used to the campus. The two began investigating reports from students about a ghost appearing on campus, with Maps being ecstatic about exploring the school and going on an adventure. The two eventually join forces with Pomeline Fritch, a haughty classmate of Olive's who had attempted to raise Mille Jane Cobblepot's spirit and believes the ghost sightings to be her; Maps also recruited Colton Rivera, a delinquent upperclassmen, for his lock-picking skills. Together, the group snuck around the school to investigate, eventually discovering that the "ghost" was a hoax, and that the ghostly eyes that they had seen within the school were Killer Croc's, a friend of Olive's mother who had escaped Arkham Asylum.[1][2] The group tracked Croc through the school's secret, centuries-old underground tunnels, which connected the asylum to the academy; however, Batman was on the same trail, forcing Croc and the group to flee. In the aftermath, Maps decided to form a secret Detective Club with the group and her older brother in order to formally investigate the connection between the asylum and the school.

Not long afterwards, one of the group's leads was covertly stolen by Damian Wayne, who also enrolled in the Academy.[3] When fantasizing about the perfect team for the new club, Maps was drawn to Damian's fighting skill. After writing his name next to hers with a strange quill she had previously taken from the Headmaster's office during the club's outings, the two of them suddenly became magically bound to each other by the hands. After a raven stole the feather, the two went on an adventure to take it back, befriending each other along the way. Eventually, the quill is confiscated by Professor Scarlet and their hands are able to separate; though the faculty attempted to convince the two of them that it was all in their imagination, they later found that someone had scribbled out what Maps had written. Damian was expelled by the headmaster after taking the fall for the quill's theft, and gifted Maps a Batarang before leaving.[4]

Maps later attended the funeral for Olive's mother, who had passed away while incarcerated. In the somber days that followed, she and Kyle began investigating Tristan Grey, a classmate concealing Man-Bat features who had befriended Olive; however, they quickly found that Tristan was no threat and befriended him as well.[5] Sometime later, it was revealed that Maps' dorm roommate Katherine was actually a creation of Clayface, sent to the Academy to get revenge on the school's drama teacher, though Katherine exhibited a will of her own and wished to remain friends with Maps.[6]

The Detective Club joined Kyle on his trip into the city for a tennis tournament, in order to sneak off and investigate the possibility that Olive's mother's death had been faked. While investigating City Hall's records, Maps came face-to-face with Red Robin, who noticed her genuine Batarang and believed her to be part of the "We Are Robin" movement.[7] Through him, Maps learned that Olive's mother was latest in a long line of blood-related, white-haired supervillains called "Calamity", who once terrorized Gotham with her pyrokinetic abilities until she was apprehended by Batman and the first Robin. Upon returning to Kyle's tournament, the group found that he was taken hostage by Dr. Hugo Strange, who had hoped to coax Calamity out of Olive for his own gain. Strange was unsuccessful, and the group managed to escape with Kyle.[8]

As the "We Are Robin" movement continued, it was outlawed by Gotham City and academy students found participating were expelled. When Riko Sheridan was transferred to the academy to (unsuccessfully) keep her from the movement, she earned the admiration of Maps. However, in order to protect Maps from being expelled or put in danger by association, Olive reported Sheridan to the authorities. Maps is stopped from intercepting the police by Robin (whom she does not realise is Damian Wayne) who assured her that due to the activities going on within the city, Riko's temporary arrest would actually protect her. He had hidden gear around the campus for Maps' perusal, promised her that he would keep in touch when her help is needed and asked that she avoid adventures until then.[9]


  • Cartography: Maps' favorite hobby is the drawing and studying of maps and she tries to always have her tools along.
  • Investigation
  • Lock Picking: Colton has been teaching Maps how to pick locks, though she's as of yet a novice.
  • Throwing: Maps has been given a couple of Batarangs by Robin which she has gotten adept at using.

  • Maps is a huge fan of Batman and fantasizes about becoming Robin, frequently drawing the two of them on adventures. She once snuck into the GCPD precinct building to activate the bat-signal and prove herself to him, but fell asleep before he arrived. He returned her to her dorm and signed her drawings.[10]
  • Maps is an avid fan of "Serpents & Spells", a Dungeons & Dragons analogue, and was once gifted a first edition copy of its handbook by Damian Wayne.[11]