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Quote1 My mom once told me that all the starlight we see has so far to travel that the stars might not even exist anymore. Eventually, they all just fade to black, erased. That's where I want to be. Quote2
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Mia Queen, alias Green Arrow, is a vigilante and a member of the Canaries from a possible future on Earth-Prime. In the original timeline on Earth-1, her name was Mia Smoak, a former underground cage fighter also known as Blackstar, who saved Star City with the new Team Arrow. She is the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, and the half-sister of William Clayton.

Original timeline


Mia was born in 2019 to the vigilante Oliver Queen aka the 'Green Arrow', and the hacker Felicity Smoak. In order to protect Mia from the Ninth Circle, Oliver and Felicity moved to Bloomfield, a small suburb on the outskirts of Star City for former A.R.G.U.S. and DIA agents. After Mia's birth, her father was forced to leave their home to save the multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, never returning. At the behest of her mother, Mia was trained by the League of Assassins member Nyssa al Ghul from early in her childhood. When her training was complete, she was gifted a compound hunting bow to celebrate her success. In 2040, after learning that her mother was still operating as a vigilante, Mia runs away from her home and goes to Star City, being against the concept of vigilantes. She later becomes a underground cage fighter under the alias 'Blackstar'. There, she would meet Connor Hawke and the two have a brief romantic relationship.

Saving the Glades

After a fight, Mia meets Dinah Drake, Zoe Ramirez, and William Clayton, who are trying to find out what happened to Felicity after her last outgoing call was with someone named "Blackstar", but Mia lies, saying that she has no knowledge of Felicity.

After watching the banned documentary Emerald Archer: The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism, Mia and Connor went to the Arrowcave, where she meet Dinah, Roy, Zoe, and William again. Mia and Connor then shoot them with sedatives, and after they wake up, Mia reveals to them that Felicity is still alive, and threatens the group to give her the codes needed for Felicity's deal. They manage to break free and get into a fight, but when the fight breaks down, Mia reveals her real name and claims to be the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, and the half-sister of William.

Mia and Connor later joined the Canary Network to rescue Felicity, who was being held captive in the Galaxy One company. She disguised herself as "Margot", the assistant of "William Harris", but as she was about to be discovered by company security, Connor revealed himself as a secret agent of Knightwatch and saved her, however disappointing her with his deception. Eventually, they rescue Felicity from Galaxy One and Mia reconciles with her. Later, Galaxy One is revealed to be a front for the Eden Corps, who wanted to hunt down all vigilantes and control the Glades using the Zeta Program.

One Zeta soldier targeted Mia and Zoe, but they manage to escape. Later, Mia tries to fight a Zeta soldier alone in an alley and is almost killed, but is saved by an older Black Canary, who advises her to become a hero like her mother and father. After a confrontation with the Deathstroke Gang led by J.J. Diggle, Mia and her mother find Alena Whitlock, who helps them defeat some Zeta soldiers. Mia later infiltrates a Galaxy One gala, where she manages to stop the company CEO Keven Dale and destroys the Archer program controlling the soldiers. Afterwards, Mia joins the new Team Arrow to help continue protecting Star City.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

After Zoe is killed by J.J. Diggle, Mia, Connor and William are sent to 2019 by the Monitor, where they encounter the original Team Arrow and Oliver Queen. Eventually, they reveal the truth about the future and decide to help stop the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Mia initially keeps distance from her father out of resentment, but she ultimately reconciles with him. After a mission in Russia and Lian Yu, Mia and her father are sent to Earth-38 by Harbinger to stop an army of Shadow Demons, but Oliver ends up dying in the battle. So Mia, Sara, Barry and John Constantine go to Earth-18 to resurrect him in a Lazaru Pit, where they encounter an evil doppelganger of Jonah Hex. After defeating him, they place Oliver in the pit, which revives him, but without his soul. So Mia, Diggle and Constantine go to Earth-666 to ask Lucifer Morningstar for help, who gives them a card to Purgatory to retrieve Oliver's soul, but he decides to stay and become the new Spectre. Mia and the Team then make their way back to the Waverider, where they are killed by the Anti-Monitor using an Antimatter wave.

New timeline

In the new multiverse, Mia and William grew up together with the rest of their family, so Mia never became a underground cage fighter and vigilante in this timeline, until she joined the Canaries as the Green Arrow. [3]


Other Characteristics

  • Missing Limb: At some point following the search for her kidnapped brother William[7], Mia lost her left arm under unspecified circumstances and had the limb replaced with a metal prosthetic.[8]


  • Green Arrow suit: During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Oliver gave Mia a new green protective suit. This suit is possibly composed of a kevlar-based material with a leather appearance like her father's one.
  • Time courier
  • Prosthetic arm


  • Mia Queen/Green Arrow is portrayed by Katherine McNamara.
  • When her character was originally announced in the press, she was called Jessie Bowden, although this was later changed to Mia Smoak.



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