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Michael or Mi-ka-el is an Archangel and the twin brother of Lucifer Morningstar.

Where Lucifer's gift was to draw out desires, Michael could do it with fears. He was a master manipulator and deeply envious of his brother and engineered his supposed downfall by manipulating him into rebelling, amongst other nefarious acts, including his sexcapade in the Garden of Eden. He wasn't pleased that his brother received a kingdom to rule as a reward. He also instigated his twin's vacation to Earth to reignite his family's hatred of him. As years went on, Michael maneuvered his way to God's right hand. In that position, he convinced God that His powers were fading and it was time to retire.

For thousands of years, Michael continued his schemes on God, until he learned of Lucifer's return to governing Hell, and the praise he was receiving from their siblings. This angered Michael, who was always jealous of his twin brother, he went to Earth to impersonate Lucifer and damage his reputation to prove his lack of change.

With experience and patience in subterfuge, Michael uncovered a great deal on his twin's life and relationships: his first love Chloe being a gift from God put in Lucifer's path, Mazikeen's bitterness over being stuck on Earth and her obliviousness of Lucifer's knowledge of her mother Lilith's fate, his job with the Los Angeles Police Department, and his therapist Linda Martin.

Having mastered his twin's style, Michael saved Chloe's life in a skirmish with gangsters and pretended to be Lucifer, changed from centuries in Hell, due to time running different there, and slowly began integrating himself with Lucifer's friends and job, while passing off his unanticipated dishonesty, non-hedonistic nature and fear mojo as the impact of returning to Hell, which left everyone in confusion. He kept working through his case with his twin's friends, until his ruse was uncovered by Mazikeen in an ambush, who'd known of Lucifer having a twin. Michael confirmed his identity to the unconvinced demon by pointing out his twin's honesty and his own raven black wings, and stated his purpose on Earth by revealing his siblings' newfound appreciation for Lucifer's act of selflessness in ending the Demon Rebellion, and he intends on stopping it by impersonating him to drag him to Earth to unveil his twin's selfish nature, denying his jealousy of his twin's popularity. Michael then secured the demon's alliance using her anger against Lucifer, pretending to be having an affair to hurt his twin's only love, which did seemingly work, while reuniting with Amenadiel and also exposed his nephew's mother's fears of motherhood, and lying over the demons' compliance. Michael then went along with Chloe's suggestion of cementing their relationship, which ultimately ended in him being unveiled as himself and not his twin, causing Michael to expose her divine conception to trigger a wedge into their relationship, while also being exposed by Michael.

After his twin's return to Earth, he greeted him at his penthouse with his wings and began taunting him over the chaos he wreaked in his twin's place, which Lucifer dismissed over his inadequacy of himself in comparison to him, stating his cunning never reached it's full potential. Deciding to show his cunning's true extent, Michael revealed himself as the instigator of his twin's infamous rebellion, which Lucifer laughed off, as he would've been the cause of a failed coup, but Michael stated he merely suggested it, but Lucifer did the deed and therefore got the blame, which Lucifer dismissed off with dealing with his tedious lies, but his twin knew he was denying his belief over his part, and then he revealed his part behind Lucifer's fiasco in the Garden of Eden, and his vacation to Earth, which Lucifer was in disbelief of, stating he couldn't be the instigator of all his significant decisions, which Michael said was easy to cause, since his self-centered nature helped with his manipulation.

Michael stated his cause for all the manipulation was Lucifer thinking he was better than him, but now he was just Samael, which led to them fighting. Both reached a stalemate, where Michael grinned to hurting his twin on a personal level, until Lucifer trapped him in a headlock and scarred him from above the eyebrow to above his mouth so he can never impersonate him again. After following Lucifer to Chloe's house, he confronted Mazikeen after she tried to fix things with Lucifer, stating she still should be angry with him, revealing Lucifer keeping a secret from her, which he guided her to uncovering to be about Lilith. He then pretended to be his twin and exposed his identity to Dan Espinoza, and then lied to him with his angel garb, that he must shoot Lucifer to redeem, which was just to ruin his friendship with Dan and his relationship with Chloe from his newfound invulnerability.

Later, he kidnapped Chloe and told Amenadiel of his nephew's sickness implying his mortality, and thus doomed life, which distracted Lucifer into following a serial killer's tracks and Amenadiel into stopping time, while securing the demon's loyalty with God's eventual return. He then confronted his brothers after time stopped to confront them, which led to Mazikeen siding with him against his siblings. Michael fared against his eldest brother, while his twin fought Mazikeen, which ultimately culminated in them about to fight with their wings out, but halted at God's arrival




  • This character is an adaptation of Michael the Archangel, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.