The Ogre was an enemy of Batman.

Ogre is a genetically altered man, whose brother is a genetically experimented Ape created by Doctor Winston Belmont. The man, Michael Adams, was increased in strength and the Ape in intelligence. The name of the project Belmont created was Project Mirakle, which was a top secret government project at Atsugi whom tested spy planes, as well as experiments on humans in the late 1950s. These experiments were made in order to create the perfect human agent but when funding was excavated so were the subjects. The 23rd human experiment, Michael Adams, managed to escape after 22 previous deaths. The Ogre tracked and murdered the scientists who collaborated with the project only to be tracked by Batman himself. In the end the ape died and the Ogre wandered amidst the city alone in a story analogous to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.



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