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Murmur was an enemy of the Flash.


Dr. Michael Amar, once a respected surgeon, went crazy and started a murder spree to stop the voices in his head. His murder spree encompassed over fifty suspected murders in Central City and Keystone City. One night, police officers Fred Chyre and Joe Jackam responded to a call and interrupted Amar in the act of murdering two women. He had already killed one victim, but the officers were able to save the other. Amar refused to surrender and the officers were forced to shoot him. However, he survived his wounds and was taken into custody. With the help of Barry Allen's testimony as a forensic expert, who linked him to at least twelve murders, Amar was convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection.

It was soon discovered that Amar's blood was so abnormal that lethal injection could not kill him. Later, in Iron Heights, Amar cut out his own tongue and sewed his mouth shut, becoming the killer known as Murmur.[1]


While in prison, Murmur created a virus that was killing the guards and prisoners and escaped during the riots it had caused. He then joined Blacksmith, who helped him with creating the virus, and her rogues.[1] Afterwards, Murmur struck out on his own.[2]


  • Unique Blood Type: The blood type of Murmur is incomparable to any other. Indeed, during his execution, the lethal injection failed to kill him. He was also able to make a virus based on it.


  • Medicine: Murmur was known to be a skilled surgeon before his psychotic spree.
  • Medical Science: He has a good knowledge of medical sciences, including his skills in surgery and his ability to create a deadly virus.
  • Knife Proficiency

Other Characteristics


  • Mask


  • Knife



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