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Michael Beach (b. October 30, 1963) voiced Devil Ray and Mister Terrific for the animated series Justice League Unlimited. He also portrayed Jesse Kane, Black Manta's father, in the feature film Aquaman.

Pictured: Michael Beach as Jesse from Aquaman

Work History

Acting Credits

Justice League Unlimited 2004-2006 Various
     "Dark Heart" December 11, 2004 Commander
     "To Another Shore" September 24, 2005 Devil Ray
Mister Terrific
     "Dead Reckoning" February 18, 2006 Devil Ray
     "Patriot Act" February 25, 2006 Mister Terrific
     "The Great Brain Robbery" March 4, 2006 Mister Terrific
     "Destroyer" May 13, 2006 Mister Terrific
Aquaman December 21, 2018 Jesse Kane
Swamp Thing 2019-2019 Nathan Ellery
     "Drive All Night" June 28, 2019 Nathan Ellery
     "Brilliant Disguise" July 12, 2019 Nathan Ellery
     "Long Walk Home" July 19, 2019 Nathan Ellery
     "The Anatomy Lesson" July 26, 2019 Nathan Ellery
     "Loose Ends" August 2, 2019 Nathan Ellery

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