Michael Beesley was elected by the president as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Although his background in securities was very limited, he was appointed to the position for political reasons. In his time spent working there, his deputy director was the more experienced Adrian Kane who helped brief and indoctrinate him.

On his first day, he was exposed to the file of Paul Moses, the greatest assassin they ever had, now retired. It was the most horrifying thing he had ever seen. In fear of the reaction there would be if the details of his case ever got out, he made the quick decision to have the old man killed. This was the worst mistake of his life. Sending a team of professionals reawakened the most dangerous killer on the planet, and Moses slaughtered all of them.[1]

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  • In the Red film adaptation, Beesley's character is replaced by the Vice President, a man with a dark side at the heart of a shadowy conspiracy. He is played by actor Julian McMahon.[2]



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