Quote1.png Have you ever had rats in your attic, so you need a rat guy? Well, nobody ever sets out to be the rat guy, but somebody's gotta do it, and I do it. I'm time's rat guy. Quote2.png
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Booster Gold was a loser from the future who came back in time to be a hero.

Michael Carter was a broken man from the 25th Century. His life went downhill after he was fired from his job as a nightwatch at the Space-Time Museum. While living as a bum in the streets of Metropolis, he met Margot Montgomery, and fell in love at first sight. Both were going to get married, but during the ceremony, Michael had a self-realization. He needed to do better and be better if he wanted to stay with Margot. So, he left her at the altar, ran to the Space-Time Museum and borrowed a time suit. This way, he would go back to the 21st Century and raise money to support their marriage.[1] During this time, he joined the Justice League and used his new found reputation to sell autographs, write books,[1] act as a poster boy for sodas,[2] host tours in the Watchtower,[3] develop cartoon shows,[1] try to become a supermodel,[4] among many other activities to merchandise his own image.

Most of Booster's allies in the Justice League see him as nothing more than an egotistic showboat of no real value to the team. Truthfully, however, Booster safeguards the very fabric of space/time, detecting alterations and ruptures in time and setting out to fix them.

However, his past would go back to haunt him, as Margot turned insane and tried to kill him several times while under the alias of Red Velvet. Believing this is the result of leaving her alone in the future, he goes back to the 25th Century to marry her, bringing Batman as a bridesmaid. He finally married the woman of his dreams, but it didn't make Red Velvet go way. On the contrary, Red Velvet revealed that marrying him was what drove her crazy. In the end, Red Velvet created a time paradox and erased herself from existence, rather than letting him have a second chance with her.[1]





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