Quote1 No crime was successfully committed in these walls... until tonight. Melmoth bound me in a mirror from Orinoca. It held me long enough... for him to hurt all these people. He must answer for the lives lost in my home, Frankenstein. Quote2
Red Phantom src

Michael Drown was an actor living in Gotham City in the early 20th century. He was mythically bonded to the walls of the Magus Theatre where he worked by unknown means after being shot on its steps for the change in his pocket and he refused to move on becoming the demon known as the Red Phantom. He was sworn to protect the building and everyone inside from harm. However, he was trapped in a mirror from Orinoca by Mr. Melmoth, who killed all the audience inside the theater, and he swore he would find Melmoth and get his revenge.[1]

Confined to the theater, he imagined watching his lover, someone he couldn't call his husband, grieve, move on, find new love, and pass away with pride.[2]




  • Restricted Mobility: Red Phantom is bound to the walls of the Magus Theatre, but he can leave the building if someone else carries a piece of it, such as a brick, a wood, a fiber, etc. as an anchor.[2]



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