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Quote1 I was in Washington Square that day when you fought four alien monsters. I saw what you did. I saw you save everyone. You're not someone to be scared of. Quote2
Michael Harris src

Mike Harris was a friend of Supergirl.

Michael Harris was teenaged boy living with his parents in Queens. A car accident on Queens Boulevard rendered him paralytic but also taught him to be carefree and make the most of whatever he does have.

He was in Washington Square Park when Supergirl fought the Worldkillers.[1][2] Her actions that day showed him that super-powered girl was not someone to be scared of because she was trying to help people. Several months later he found Kara unconscious because of a cloud of Kryptonite poisoning the atmosphere. He took her into the old bomb shelter in his building's basement so that she could recover. When she came to, he told that a strange plague was making the people in Metropolis comatose, and since his parents were there now, he was worried. Kara decided to head to Metropolis to help out and try to find Michael's parents.[3]

Afterwards Michael and Kara started out a brief relationship that ended when Kara lost her powers and had to move to National City.

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