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Mister Terrific was a superhero who fought Brother Eye.

5 years from now

Michael Holt hasn't been a hero in years. But Ollie's death shows him that he is always a hero. Michael watches as Batman invades his lab. Michael announces to the public that he's planning to unite Prime Earth and Earth-2.

Michael had a hobo watch him for days. He went out and tried to deal with the problem. He found out that the hobo looked like the new Batman. Instead he found a cyborg. He took it to his lab, Where he slowly began to realize that it's his.[1] Michael prepared for an interview about the new Batman. While he's speaking, The Cyborg awakened.[2]

Michael found out that this robot shouldn't exist, yet. He decided it was time to pay The New Batman a visit.[3]

35 years from now

Mr Terrific has been held captive by Brother Eye. Mr Terrific learns that the new Batman was sent by Bruce all those years ago.[4] When Bruce and Joker were sent to the past, Mike begged they remember who they are.[5]