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Michael Ironside (b. February 12, 1950) voiced Batman for the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns inspired section of the episode "Legends of the Dark Knight" of the animated series The New Batman Adventures and Darkseid for the animated series Superman, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. He also portrayed General Sam Lane on the series Smallville and Lewis Snart on The Flash. Ironside reprised his role as Darkseid in Lego DC Super-Villains and Harley Quinn.

Pictured: Michael Ironside as General Sam Lane from the Smallville episode "Gone"

Work History

Acting Credits

Superman: The Animated Series 1996-2000 Darkseid
     "Tools of the Trade" February 1, 1997 Darkseid
     "Father's Day" October 5, 1997 Darkseid
     "Apokolips... Now!, Part I" February 7, 1998 Darkseid
     "Apokolips... Now!, Part II" February 14, 1998 Darkseid
     "Little Girl Lost, Part II" May 2, 1998 Darkseid
     "Legacy, Part I" February 5, 2000 Darkseid
     "Legacy, Part II" February 12, 2000 Darkseid
The New Batman Adventures 1997-1999 '80s Batman
     "Legends of the Dark Knight" October 10, 1998 '80s Batman
Justice League 2001-2004 Darkseid
     "Twilight, Part I" July 5, 2003 Darkseid
     "Twilight, Part II" July 5, 2003 Darkseid
Smallville 2001-2011 Sam Lane
     "Gone" September 29, 2004 General Sam Lane
     "Façade" October 6, 2004 General Sam Lane
     "Ambush" November 5, 2010 General Sam Lane
Justice League Unlimited 2004-2008 Darkseid
     "Alive!" May 6, 2006 Darkseid
     "Destroyer" May 13, 2006 Darkseid
The Flash 2014- Lewis Snart
     "Family of Rogues" October 20, 2015 Lewis Snart
Lego DC Super-Villains October 16, 2018 Darkseid
Harley Quinn 2019- Darkseid
     "Inner (Para) Demons" May 22, 2020 Darkseid
     "A Fight Worth Fighting For" June 12, 2020 Darkseid
     "Lovers' Quarrel" June 19, 2020 Darkseid

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