Dodge was a young and enthusiastic hero who tried to impress Robin.

Michael grew up idolizing young superheroes like Impulse and Robin, and would often try to train himself to be more acrobatic and strong to mimic them in the hopes that they would accept him as a superhero. On a visit to his father's laboratory, he stole a belt that allowed the wearer to teleport. Donning a baseball shirt and a bandana over his lower face, Michael took the name Dodge and began stopping crimes around the city.

He came across Robin while he was teamed up with Captain Boomerang, whose father had killed his. Under a lot of stress and feeling impatient, Robin forcefully declined Dodge's request to be his sidekick. The two crossed paths two more times, with Dodge's efforts causing problems for Robin, including Dodge accidentally getting a young hostage shot in the shoulder. Robin once again lectured him, telling him he wasn't cut out for superhero work.

During a fight, Robin threw some sharpened projectiles at an enemy, but one caught and damaged Dodge's teleportation belt. He fell into a coma for an unspecified amount of time, but when he woke up, he had internalized the teleportation power of the belt, turning his skin red. In an effort to get back at Robin for rejecting him and damaging the belt, he recruited a team of supervillains including the Cheater, Tapeworm and Brutus to lure Robin into a hospital and take him down. But the plan fell apart when the Cheater tried to kill Robin, which was a line Dodge wouldn't cross. Strong-armed by an assassin named Skill (who would later turn out to be Ravager acting as a mole for Robin in the group), he was forced to continue the deadly hunt.

Dodge's team was eventually ambushed by Robin and two other Teen Titans - Ravager and Zachary Zatara. Once Dodge was safely out of the Cheater's hands, he helped the Titans take down Brutus. The Cheater tried to take him hostage with a device, but Dodge tried to teleport away despite Robin's protestations. Cheater was taken down, but as a result of his powers' interaction with the Cheater's device, Dodge faded away.




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