Mike Maxwell was a ranger at a wildlife preserve in the shadow of Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa. Because of his great strength and fighting skill, he agreed to a wrestling match against the local village champion, a brown gorilla named Djubai. He was humiliated when the ape defeated him in a matter of seconds. He tried to wash himself off in a local watering hole, only to be attacked by a lion. Mike was shocked to discover his powers when he merged the jungle cat with a nearby warthog. He discovered the lake had been contaminated by toxic waste, and splashing the water on himself had mutated his body. With his new skills in tow, Mike defeated Djubai in a rematch and claimed the ape's mask and title for his own.[1] Ever since, Mike has used his admittedly unconventional powers to fight crime wherever he finds it, as well as protecting his home and animal friends in Africa.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): He is a superb hand-to-hand fighter; his animal-like skills giving him a decided advantage over most human opponents, and even allowing him to hold his own against the likes of Black Manta,[2] Gorilla Grodd,[3] and The Faceless Hunter.[4][1]


  • Power Limitation: B'wana can typically only merge two creatures at a time, as attempting to do his trick with more causes him considerable physical and mental strain. Also, his powers have little or no effect on humans.


Mike can often create a creature to ride on when he needs to move swiftly. On the job as a game warden, he drives an all-terrain jeep.



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