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As the embassy chief of the British embassy of the Justice League International, Michael Morice was eccentric, demanding, incompetent, tactless and inflexibly attached to routine. In addition to running the embassy, he had ambitions to be a superhero, using a power stick which was allegedly used by his father during the Second World War to inflict damage on the Nazi forces.

Justice League International

His ambitions to be a great hero were always thwarted by his utter incompetence. Although the power stick was powerful, it was a menace in his hands, unlikely to hit its intended target—he managed to cause the destruction of at least one embassy building and was refused membership in the team in his superheroic identity.


More recently, Michael was one of the heroes given the honor of acting as pall-bearers at the funeral of Booster Gold during 52, although this was because the more prominent heroes had no desire to do so thanks to the controversy that surrounded Booster's actions prior to his apparent death. He was hired alongside Blimp, Honest Abe, Mind Grabber Man, Odd Man, and Yellow Peri.[1] He was later kidnapped by the Auctioneer along with many other heroes.[2]

Blackest Knight

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Sometime after his experience with the Auctioneer, Michael was promoted to the head of Basement 101, Britain's premier prison facility for costumed and meta-villains. He escorted Batman to interrogate inmate Pearly King.[3]

  • His code name and appearance are both taken from the uniform of the Yeomen Warders.
  • The character of Michael Morice is very similar to Basil Fawlty from the British TV sitcom Fawlty Towers—his wife is patterned after Sybil Fawlty and their assistant Esteban strongly resembles Manuel, the Spanish waiter.



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