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Quote1.png "Doctors keep telling me to have hope. That miracles happen every day. And well, I was wondering. Do you want to be my miracle?" Quote2.png
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Mikey Parker is a boy whose timeline is split in two by Captain Atom in order to save the world.

As a boy, Mikey sends a text wishing to be cured of terminal brain cancer; and Captain Atom receives this text with his newly discovered electromagnetic text-reading power.[1]

In the first timeline, Atom enters Mikeys brain and neutralizes the cancer cells, miraculously curing him. Six months later, Mikey has regrown his hair and is throwing a frisbie with his family. The miracle leads to Atom developing a god-complex.

In the second timeline, Atom still cures Mikey, but a future Captain Atom steps in and re-establishes Mikey's cancer. Six months later, Captain Atom watches the child's parents grieve at his graveside.[2]

Twenty years in the future of the first timeline, the cured Michael Parker leads worship at the Church of Chrono Mota in Manhattan; and is fervently devoted to Mota's teachings. Michael had been spiritually lost, and on a retreat to the wilderness, he had an epiphany, witnessing Chrono Mota's, rise. He thereafter became Mota's apostle.[3]

When the present Captain Atom makes contact with future Michael; Michael misrepresents his childhood as selfish, petty, careless - even cruel. Now that he is devoted, Michael is ready to execute Chrono Mota's will, where "we wipe the slate clean" and "release a new genesis" which will destroy Earth.[3] When the true form of Chrono Mota appears, Michael realises that Captain Atom's questioning is a test of his faith. In his renewed religious mania, Michael drops Dr Megala's reconstituted dimension ship (the Orb) down a borehole towards the center of the Earth, with Captain Atom following closely behind.


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  • Michael Parker has two closely related timelines. He either dies as a child; or is cured of cancer by Captain Atom; the latter leading to the rise of Chrono Mota and the destruction of the Earth.
  • As a child, Mikey has blue eyes. As an adult, Michael's eyes are green.