Michael Templesmith was one of the foremost sorcerers of Earth during the World War II era and a former master of the sorcerer Jeremiah Cain.

He mysteriously disappeared along with the rest of his super team the Paladins in the mid-1940's. It was later revealed that he and the rest of his team had been abducted by the U.S. military and kept under the highest security in an underground bunker in stasis pods using alien tech to transplant them in a simulation of their crime fighting lives under the Number of the Beast program, founded by General Zebulon McCandless, a former friend and associate of the Paladins.

He was finally released by The High, who had also been a prisoner and eventually realized what had happened. After the Earth's cataclysm caused by The High's Reaper clones, Mago along with his close friends Engine Joe and Tumbleweed tracks down a retired and aged Zebulon McCandless and swore to him that he and other people who were associated with the Number of the Beast program will be punished for causing the Earth's post-apocalyptic state.[1]

World's End


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Sometime later, Mago was imprisoned and tortured at a Indian reservation camp by a self-proclaimed prophet Kachina, who wanted the secrets of Mago's magics.[2] However, Mago escaped with his own powers.[3] He later returned from being oddly energized in another plane and, with the Paladins, was summoned to UnLondon in assisting Earth's heroes against the Knights of Khera.[4] Mago and some of the Paladins were sent to one of Earth's poles in stopping the Kheran's terraforming machines, where he killed one of the Knights, Sabre, by conjuring his razor hands to impale his head.[5]

Mago was unexpectedly summoned to help the Wildcats, who were finding the next Doctor following Habib Bin Hassan's death, in containing a volatile magically geyser erupting from the Earth in Salem, Massachusetts as a result of the planet's instability. At Salem, Mago witnessed the unknown being calling himself Aeon containing the geyser by absorbing it. Mago was suspicious of Aeon's intentions until being teleported to Egypt where Aeon revealed his intentions to destroying Earth in order to supposedly save the universe from an unknown threat and revealed himself to a shocked Mago to be his former student, Jeremiah Cain.[6][7] Mago was aghast of Cain's actions and believed he has failed and regretted in teaching his former student into becoming who he is. Both teacher and student battled against each other at the Earth's core where Cain dropped his guard and was eventually killed by Fuji, Hellstrike, and Spartan.[8][9] As Cain's charred corpse was discarded into the Earth's core, Mago was silently despondent over his student's demise.



  • Mago briefly first appeared in Wildstorm: Revelations #3 before his full appearance in Number of the Beast #1.
  • The origin of Mago's occult knowledge is murky, but he left strict instructions that in the event of his death, no formal religious ceremonies should be enacted. From this, one can extrapolate that he got his abilities from a set of pacts with dark entities, with the price that if he tried to get a good afterlife he would be sent to Hell, and was hoping to cheat the deal by forgoing Heaven and Hell altogether.



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