Quote1 Two Green Ghosts, eh? Here is where the fun begins. My first shot was over his head, Barr -- this time we'll see if he's really bullet-proof! Quote2
-- Invisible Hood src

The Green Ghost was in fact two men who teamed up, wearing similar green robes and hoods. Each of them, was an assistant to a millionaire. When one of them knew of a valuable transaction about to occur, they would ambush their boss by insisting on being there, while the other waited, in costume, for the robbery. They would then trade off, with the other being in costume and doing the robbing, and the friend acting stunned as his boss was being robbed. In essence, while one of them was doing the hold-up, in a green ghost costume, the other seemed to have an alibi, which is how they first escaped suspicion.

Green Ghosts (Earth-X)002

Two Green Ghosts? Smash Comics #11

Michael Ward was the attorney to financier John Barr. He was able to steal millions of dollars of cash when his friend sneaked into Barr's mansion, as the Green Ghost, and committed the robbery.

Later, the two robbed from another millionaire, but the roles were switched. This time, his friend pretended to be the hero, and fought off Michael, who was the costumed crook. As planned, Michael was able to escape, but he also took a hostage.

The Invisible Hood noticed the kidnapping, and followed them to a secret boathouse. There, he discovered two Green Ghosts, and he confronted, and unmasked both of them, while rescuing the financier John Barr. Both ghosts were sent to prison.







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