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Michelle Harrison (b. March 24, 1975) portrays Nora Allen and Joan Williams on the series The Flash.

Pictured: Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen from The Flash episode "Pilot"

Work History

Acting Credits

The Flash 2014-2023 Nora Allen
     "Pilot" October 7, 2014 Nora Allen
     "The Man in the Yellow Suit" December 9, 2014 Nora Allen
     "The Nuclear Man" February 10, 2015 Nora Allen
     "Tricksters" March 31, 2015 Nora Allen
     "Fast Enough" May 19, 2015 Nora Allen
     "Welcome to Earth-2" February 9, 2016 Nora Allen (Earth-2)[1]
     "Versus Zoom" April 19, 2016 Nora Allen[2]
     "The Runaway Dinosaur" May 10, 2016 Speed Force[3]
     "The Race of His Life" May 24, 2016 Nora Allen
     "Flashpoint" October 4, 2016 Nora Allen
Nora Allen (Flashpoint)
     "Duet" March 21, 2017 Nora Allen

  1. Harrison only voiced a telephone message left by the Earth-2 Nora Allen. The character does not physically appear in the episode.
  2. Archival footage of Harrison from prior episodes is used as part of a flashback sequence. This is Nora Allen's only appearance within "Versus Zoom".
  3. While in the Speed Force, Barry interacts with it projections of his loved ones. In each case the actor that portrays that character portrayed the Speed Force for the interaction.

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