Quote1 I'm telling you change doesn't come from a gun, it comes from hard work. Commitment. Quote2
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Michelle Torres was a cocaine addict turned call girl, working in Star City's rough neighborhood, the Triangle. Her life changed when one of her clients, Deadshot, impregnated her. When she gave birth to Zoe, she decided to fight her addiction and stopped working as a call girl. She wrote a letter to Deadshot's parents, expresly not asking for money, but to inform them that they had a granddaughter. She also got an honest job and worked hard to finish school.[2]

Four years later,[3] when Deadshot learned about his daughter, he came to Star City. Michelle did not want his money, and explained she tried to get up in the world by herself. Deadshot decided to stay in the area, and started cleaning up the rival gangs.[2] She was impressed with his work, even though she didn't like how it was achieved. However, their connection made her a target. The Russian mob used its connections in the SCPD to kill Zoe, but Deadshot stopped it. He also made it abundantly clear not to touch Michelle or Zoe again.[4]

As they became close again, Michelle suggested he stay with her instead of in a separate hotel room. He begrudgingly agreed, though he felt it was weird as he had only been with prostitutes for fifteen years.[3] However, their relationship was not without its problems. She tried to come up with opportunities for him to go straight, but the became incensed at his attitude. She kicked him out.[5]

He eventually turned around, and she was happy for it.[5] However, their relationship ended when he was attacked by dozens of enemies, a fight which many thought he didn't survive. He left the city, but left the Triangle a better place.[6]



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