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Mick Rory was a vigilante of Earth-74 and a former member of the Legends. After the team disbanded, he retired into the abandoned Waverider.

Early history

Mick Rory became a Legend on Earth-74 after a long criminal career as Heatwave. He had also been partnered with Leonard Snart for many years before the latter also joined the Legends along with him.

At some point in time, a member of the Legends died in unknown circumstances: this tragic event led to the disband of the team: the Waverider was abandoned so Rory claimed the timeship for himself. Later, he became a novelist, publishing his famous work, Caged Passion.


When the Crisis erupted, Lyla Michaels aka Harbinger, an enforcer of the cosmic God Mar Novu, came to Earth-74, reaching Rory on the Waverider. She offered Rory stories and other pleasures to use the timeship as a base for the heroes' resistence against the Anti-Monitor: Rory accepted and also joined the other heroes.

He was later shown babysitting Jonathan Kent, the son of Lois Lane and Superman.[1]

Rory was later killed when the Anti-Monitor possessed Harbinger and killed the Monitor, unleashing again an anti-matter wave that destroyed the Waverider (and Rory with it).[2] His existence was later restored along with the Multiverse after the Paragons rebooted it.[3]




  • Mick Rory is a doppleganger of the Mick Rory of Earth-1.
    • Both of them are novelists and published his masterpiece, Caged Passion.
  • Rory is also shown to be in possession of the Cold Gun, implying that Snart may be the one who died in this universe like on Earth-1.