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Heatwave was the founder and leader of the Legion of Doom.

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This section of the history takes place during Flashpoint, a massive crossover event set in an alternate timeline to the mainstream DCU. History was completely changed when Professor Zoom finally found a way to erase his nemesis the Flash without harming his own legacy.

When the actions of the Flash drastically altered the timeline, Mick Rory suffered serious nerve damage caused by burns received while fighting Cyborg. Incarcerated for his crimes, he formed a new Legion of Doom consisting of various fellow inmates including the Thinker, Lock-Up and Sportsmaster, along with Plastic Man, who was smuggled into the prison inside the Cluemaster's stomach. The group escaped prison and sought revenge on Cyborg, who had been responsible for capturing most of them, but when Plastic Man realized that Rory's plan involved murdering the entire population of Detroit he turned on him, and Rory was forced to melt him. Rory eventually ordered his team to stay back while he fought Cyborg one-on-one, but he was defeated and jailed again, finally being confronted in his cell by a vengeful, reconstituted Plastic Man, who seemed intent on killing him.


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