Quote1 I'm called Black Mace, lady, and I'm not afraid of anybody - not Legionnaires, princesses from fairy tales, or these muscle-bound creeps Quote2
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Mick Yardreigh, alias Black Mace is a member of the Taurus Gang a group of criminals who are the enemies of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

He was born on Earth in the late 30th Century, growing he discovered he was was a Metahuman with Superhuman strength. He grew up as a bully and a thug, but he turned this to his advantage once a got old enough a became a mercenary for hire. His name comes from his energy mace he carried, made of an experimental metal on the Science Asteroid. He stole the mace and started using it in his crimes. He would turn up more and more frequently in the reports of the Science Police. This brought him to the attention of Science Police Chief Zoltorus, who brought him in for a private meeting after one of Black Mace's stay on the prison planet Takron-Galtos.

Police Chief Zoltorus was corrupt, living a double life as a respected cop and mob leader. Chief Zoltorus purged Mace's criminal records, and hired him to put together a team of superhuman agents to serve the Taurus Gang. He worked alongside Taurus Gang, alongside Shagrek, Rogarth, Mystelor, and Quanto. The superhuman members of the Taurus Gang became the core of a notorious mob fighting for control of the underworld in Metropolis and the rest of the United Planets. With their powers and Zoltorus' inside information, the other mobs were forced to band together. This new group, Scorpius, forcibly recruited members of the Legion of Super-Heroes to help them beat Taurus. Black Mace and the others demanded more money from Zoltorus, since their job was now harder. When Zoltorus refused, Black Mace and the others abandoned him during a battle with the Legionnaires. Zoltorus was exposed and captured. Black Mace and his teammates went underground and then apparently went their separate ways.

He was encountered Legion again, when his personal starship crashed on Nolgor IV, a waterless, barren world in the Talok system. Timber Wolf was passing near in a Legion cruiser and picked up the distress call, when he investigated, Black Mace ambushed him, stunned him, took his Flight Ring, and tried to steal the Legion Cruiser, but ran afoul of the ship's defenses. This enabled Timber Wolf to turn the tables and capture Black Mace. He spent the next several years in prison back on Takron-Galtos. He was reportedly evacuated to Labyrinth when Takron-Galtos was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Later Black Mace is released from prison, and was lured to Earth by the Dominators, who placed him in their genetic experimentation chambers. He was mindwiped, which left his skill intact, but made him loyal to the Dominion. He was among the subjects who survived the destruction of the chambers and was taken into custody by United Planets authorities, for deprogramming.

When Chemical Kid of the Legion Academy returns home to the planet Phlon. Upon the Legion's arrival, they enter Chemical Kid's family home only to find it in ruins. Inside, the Taurus Gang, led by Black Mace, are threatening the family and smashing the place apart. A battle ensues in order to rescue Chemical Kid's dad, but Chemical Kid's powers mysteriously extinguishes and the other heroes begin to quickly fall.

A new recruit to the gang Alchemical Girl, also from Phlon is draining their powers. Glorith unexpectedly gets an extra surge of power from her mentor Black Witch. The tables are quickly turned, and the heroes subdue their opponents. Chemical Kid confronts his father, wondering why he gave away the secrets of the "the gene mod," which grants his son's powers. The answer is gambling debts, and the Black Mace wanted to create a whole "gene mod gang," starting with the creation of Alchemical Girl.


  • Superhuman Strength: Black Mace is super humanly strong and tough, a fast and all but invincible fighter possessed of a unique combat agility that permits quick, complex movements in the course of a battle.His limp vanishes in battle as well, returning only when his adrenaline levels go back to normal.  



  • Energy-Wielding Mace:his Maceis made from an almost indestructible alloy and is charged with electricity which can shock and weaken opponents, and at full strength can incinerate them. He wears an insulated suit to protect himself from the mace's energy field. 



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