Micro Lass is a member of the Wanderers in the 31st century.

Despite what it looks like, Micro Lass has not the power to increase her size, but she's a giant with the power to shrink to 6 feet.

Her hometown, Big City, formerly known as McMurdo City, in Antarctica on Earth. The continent became much warmer aftter the effects of global warming, various citys were built across the now habitable continent. McMurdo City was normal-sized until the 29th Century when Bizarro Brainiac the backwards clone of Brainiac enlarged it to its current size. In his mind he was trying to do the reverse of Brainiac who shrank the city of Kandor by increasing the size of McMurdo City. The people who live there voluntarily stay there to prevent anyone from accidentally squishing someone.

However Micro Lass was born with the meta-gene which gave her the ability to shrink to normal human size, have been able to travel to other places.




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This character is exclusive to the continuity of the Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes and 5th Legion of Super-Heroes series.

Any official designation for the home universe for this character has not been given, and thus this page may have to be moved in the future.
In the meantime, it's conjecturally designated as "New Earth".

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