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Quote1 Whereas I'm a normal human just like you, Mr. Jatts... just bigger! Quote2
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Micron is a member of the future incarnation of the Justice League Unlimited.


In utero, the future "Micron" was accidently exposed to a mutagen. Even before he left the hospital, Micron developed the power of size alteration. Shorty after graduating high school, he visited Metropolis and landed in the crossfire of Justice League Unlimited and Toyman. Using his abilities, he stopped Toyman from shooting Superman with Kryptonite, with only Superman seeing him. The next day, he went to the Justice League Watchtower, but wasn't allowed in. He decided to break in and attempt an audition. While most of the league was standoffish with him, Superman was able to vouch for him. Recruited into the team, he decided to take up the name Micron.[1]

The Call

After being seriously wounded in a trap, Superman recruited Batman in on the JLU as a temporary replacement. Micron later assisted Batman and the Justice League in their battle against a mind-controlled Superman.

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With Kobra started stockpiling ancient relics, Micron was sent undercover within the organization. After going radio silent for four weeks, with the league discovering he was still with Kobra, his allies feared he had defected.[2] In reality, Micron was discovered as a spy and brainwashed by Spellbinder.[3] Breaking into a Cadmus lab on Dinosaur Island, he came across his former teammates. Using the laboratory's hazards, Micron was able to complete his objective and evade the league. After leaving the package with his superiors, he discovered Batman had stowed on his ship. The two fought, but the Tomorrow Knight was able to knock Micron out and take him back to the Justice League Watchtower.[4]

Once he recovered, he took Aquagirl and Big Barda to Korbra's corporate base in order to apprehend the Kobra Queen. Unfortunately, Spellbinder got to them first and tricked Micron into knocking out his companions.[5] They tried to convince him to kill his friends, only for Aquagirl to use her power of hydrokinesis to fry Spellbinder's equipment and free Micron. They then arrested Kobra, with Micron enlarging and stomping on the Queen.[6]





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