Quote1.png By the way. You called me "Palmer"? Nuh-uh. I'm better. Way better. The name's Micron! Quote2.png
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Micron was a member of the Justice League Unlimited when Brother Eye attacked.

Brother Eye implanted a device on Micron that made him see false images, making it seem as though Brother Eye had killed all of his fellow JLA members. Micron spread the word that the Justice League was dead, and Batman had disappeared.

When the invasion of Neo Gotham had begun, Micron found Tim Drake and questioned him. He remarked that he didn't sound like Terry, causing Tim to reveal that Terry was dead and he had replaced him. Tim had carried a Brother Eye AI back with him to Neo Gotham, allowing it's location to be revealed. Micron helped to defend the city from Brother Eye's cyborg army.

Micron helped to defend the Court of Owls base where Barbara Gordon and Tim were working on activating a JLA transporter.

When Tim came back to Neo Gotham, he helped to defeat the Wonder Woman and Superman cyborgs. He shrunk down and got inside of the cyborgs, and then grew, exploding the cyborgs.




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