Quote1 This Bunker reminds me of me in a way. He acts like he doesn't take any of it too seriously. But a wall like that doesn't come out of thin air. He's got more going on than anyone gives him credit for. You watch-- he'll be in the Justice League before he's twenty. Quote2
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Miguel Jose Barragan a.k.a. Bunker is a metahuman born in the village of El Chilar, Mexico. Despite his superpowers, he was accepted and loved by his family and village. When he was in his late teens he decided to leave El Chilar and become a superhero.

Teen Titans

He leaves his village and Mexico entirely in search of the famed teen hero Red Robin. He boards a train after some minor police matters and finds the cocoon-like Skitter as well as a traveling hobo. The "hobo" later reveals himself to be Tim Drake and after a short scuffle they are beset by mind controlled civilians who're being controlled by Detritus.

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  • Energy Construct Creation: Bunker has the ability to create violet constructs similar to those of a Green Lantern, such as hands, hammers, shields, etc. His constructs are built out of psionic bricks; the bigger they are, the harder the construct, and vice versa.


  • With Bunker's background, Lobdell wanted to make his history "angst-free" thus allowing Bunker to be very open, comfortable, and positive about who he is and his sexuality.
  • Bunker's boyfriend is a metahuman named Gabriel (nicknamed "Gabe" or "Gabby").[1]



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