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At some point, Dharma recruited Miguel into the Shadow Cabinet and gave him the costume he wore as Oro. He was seen participating in one mission with them before Dharma called him to the Shadowspire and fired him. He was allowed to keep the costume and received a month's severance pay. Miguel was severely disappointed at losing that job. Not long after, S.Y.S.T.E.M. captured him for their experiments along with Blood Syndicate member Masquerade and several other Bang Babies. The group of them broke free and sought to return to their lives, but Miguel found that he had been framed for his partner's murder (the S.Y.S.T.E.M. team who captured him killed the partner in cold blood). He used his powers to escape police custody, but had nowhere to go.

In need of a hiding place, he came to the Blood Syndicate and requested sanctuary. The recently returned from the dead Tech Nine granted his request, and Oro became their latest member. He wore a mask when he went out in public so as to avoid arrest, and was with the team until it disbanded after a climactic battle with the Demon Fox. Nothing is known as to his whereabouts after that.





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