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Quote1.png Dear Superman. Did you frickin' hate where you grew up, too? Did you ever feel like you were going to explode? Did you ever push things too far? Because I'm thinking maybe I definitely did. Quote2.png
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Miguel Montez is an adolescent boy who grew up in Devil's Canyon, a small dead-end town in California. When he was ten years old his life was saved by Superman, an act that greatly influenced Miguel's future life choices. At some point his parents died, leaving him with his Uncle Brant. Eventually he ran away from the canyon with a girl named Summer after an altercation put the police on his trail.

Miguel is the current owner of the H-Dial, a mysterious device resembling a retro telephone that allows the user to transform into a super-hero by dialing the letter "H". Owning the phone has brought many dangers along with it, primarily the Thunderbolt Club, an organization made up of former H-Dial users who seek to wield its power once again.

Early Life

Miguel Montez was raised in Devil's Canyon in California by loving parents. When Miguel was ten years old, he tried to do a backflip off a diving board and smacked his head on the way down. He was pulled out of the pool and resuscitated. Due to his life threatening injuries, Superman, who was in the area, picked up Miguel and flew him to the nearest hospital where his head was treated. Miguel never forgot that day which became one of the defining moments of his life.[3]

At some point after his brush with death, Miguel's parents died in a plane crash[4], leaving him to be raised by his uncle Brant. While Brant did provide for Miguel well enough, he also worked him to the bones, refusing to see his generosity unpaid. Nothing ever interesting happened in Miguel's life, as he spent a lot of his time working in his uncle's food truck. Miguel soon turned to performing dangerous stunts to replicate the excitement he felt when Superman saved him.[3]

Receiving the Dial

One night while working late at his uncle's food truck Miguel was greeted by a girl named Summer Pickens. Summer had a sour reputation in the town as she kept trying to run away from home. Summer, who was hungry, had come to the food truck to eat, however after seeing the disgusting food they were serving she decided against ordering anything. Feeling bad for her, Miguel gave her his sandwich, which he had prepared for himself. After a brief chat with Summer Miguel was berated by his uncle who wanted him to get back to work.[3]

Later that day Miguel headed down to a canyon where a gang of kids had set up a ramp overlooking a steep drop. If someone were to miss the jump they were likely going to fall to their death, however this didn't stop Miguel, who attempted the jump but failed. As he fell down the never-ending chasm Miguel was greeted by a red floating retro telephone that told him if he wanted to live he merely had to dial "H" on the phone. Seeing no other option, Miguel dialed the number and was transformed into the super-hero Monster Truck.[3]

Monster Truck, a truck themed hero bestowed great powers by the immortal "Truck Triforce", was able to leap out of the chasm with no issue. However Monster Truck had a mind of his own, and so swiftly travelled to the nearest car store where he destroyed every car in sight as he saw cars as the enemies of trucks. After fulfilling his need for wanton destruction, Monster Truck reverted back into Miguel.[3]

While he was initially amazed at the power and potential of the H-Dial, Miguel's mood was soured when the police arrived to arrest the culprit of the vandalism. Afraid he might be arrested, Miguel ran until he was picked up by Summer, who had stolen Brant's food truck and was running away again.[3]

As they left town Miguel received another call from the H-Dial. The voice that had previously spoken to him introduced itself as the Operator and told him that he was calling from a place called the Heroverse. Miguel was warned that the H-Dial was being tracked down by Agents of the Thunderbolt Club, who would happily kill Miguel to get to it.[3]

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Titans Academy

Miguel became a student at the Roy Harper Titans Academy and met his roommate Billy Batson.[5]



  • H-Dial: The H-Dial is a device that was built in the Sphere of the Gods by a creature known as the Operator.[6] When Miguel dials "H" on the H-Dial a phone box is formed around him and he is sent to the Heroverse, a hero from the Heroverse will then take his place in the real World. The hero in question will fulfill the task that Miguel needed fulfilling and then switch back with Miguel in a puff of purple smoke. There is no known time limit to the Dial.[3]
    • Monster Truck: Monster Truck is a truck themed hero with super strength who was given his powers by the immortal "Truck Triforce". He often yells terrible truck-themed puns and has a hatred for cars.[3]
    • Iron Deadhead: Iron Deadhead is a robot superhero. When activated, he can merge with a human soul.[6]
    • Lil'Miguelito: Lil Miguelito is a normal child that likes to play pretend to be a superhero.[7]
  • C-Dial: The C-Dial is a blue H-Dial that was built in the Sphere of the Gods in the same manner as the H-Dial. When someone dials H on the C-Dial they transform in what their inner hero is at that moment in time.
    • SuperMiguel: SuperMiguel is a Superman-like superhero who looks like a more muscular and older Miguel.[8]
    • The Early Adopter: The Early Adopter was born while Scott was waiting in line for a new tech device, he doesn't have any superpowers but he has a wide range of semi-functional next-gen devices[2]


  • Mayo Madness truck

  • Miguel once had a crush on a boy named Chidozie from Metropolis[2][9] as well as fellow Titans Academy student Matt Price, who he once attempted to ask on a date.[10] He was later seen in a brief relationship with Academy member Mark Radley.[11]



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