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Miiyahbin "Mii" Marten is a 16-year-old Cree girl from Moose Factory Island, Ontario, who became the superhero Equinox. She uses the power of the Midayo, embodiment of the seven pillars of Cree life, to protect her people from the Whitago - the embodiment of the seven dark pillars.


After reaching the age of sixteen, Miiyahbin found herself being tormented by a creature called the Whitago. Drawing on knowledge she wasn't aware she had, she spoke the word "Keewatin" and was transformed into Equinox.[1] Later, she witnessed a battle between former members of the Justice League of America fighting an alien near her home town,[2] and returned to the site with her friend Heather. They discovered an alien base there, and Miiyahbin was grabbed by a creature.[3] As it happens, that creature was the Whitago again, and it trapped her in a cave, tempting her to transform and dismiss it or succumb to it.[4] Meanwhile, a spatially displaced Alanna Lewis found herself returned to the Rannian research bunker in Moosonee to find Heather, who begged her for help in finding Miiyahbin. Soon, they discovered her in the cave, but were stalked by the Whitago. Reluctantly, Miiyahbin said her word of power, transformed, and destroyed the Whitago.[5]

After rendezvousing with the rest of the League, Alanna and Miiyahbin visited the girl's grandmother to get answers to their questions. Miiyahbin already knew that the Whitago was is the Bogeyman of her culture, thought to be the spirits of those who drowned or starved. Upon confronting her grandmother, the old woman explained that Miiyahbin was like her, a Midayo - guided by seven spirits of Cree life - love, humility, bravery, truth, respect, wisdom, and honesty - to battle the Whitagos who embody the seven dark pillars of dominion, control, aggression, deception, greed, selfishness, and fear. The two forces had fought for all time, and Miiyahbin's own father had fallen victim to the Whitago. Unfortunately, the Whitago could not be destroyed; only prevented from harming others. With this knowledge and Alanna's support, Miiyahbin returned to the cave and faced her fear of the Whitago with bravery, drawing her father's spirit out of it. Impressed, Alanna took Miiyahbin back to the League.[6]

The Infinitus Saga

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