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Mike Esposito (b. July 14, 1927 – d.October 24, 2010) was a comic book artist.

Professional History

Mike Esposito was a professional comic book artist and illustrator. He started working for newspaper comic strips in 1948 and subsequently started working for Marvel Comics' predecesor, Timely Comics, where he learned about the inking process. After this, Esposito and Andru started their own publishing company, but it was a short-lived project. In the early 1950's they started working for DC Comics on several war books and in the early 60's, they were assigned to the Wonder Woman title, where they defined the look of the character during the "Silver Age" of comics.

In 1965, Esposito started freelancing for Marvel Comics on titles like Fantastic Four and Iron Man, but it wasn't until 1966 when he joined the company as the permanent inker for the Spider-Man comic book along with artist John Romita, Sr.. From this point on, Esposito became a notorious artist for both companies until the early 90s.

During his final years as an active artist, Esposito worked mainly for Archie Comics and also started selling commissioned recreations of his old comics work.

Personal History

Esposito graduated from The High School of Music & Art along with his classmate and future partner in comics, Ross Andru. After his first wife died, he married a second time to Irene Esposito and they had two children.

Esposito lived in Lake Grove, New York, on Long Island, in his later years, and died October 24, 2010, at age 83.

Work History

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