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Mike Friedrich (b. March 27, 1949) is a writer.

Professional History

Mike Friedrich is a professional comic book writer. He started his tenure with the comic book industry in the mid-60's, while he was still in high school. He started writing letters to the Batman and Detective Comics titles. He soon became well known by the Batman editor, Julius Schwartz, who bought some scripts from Friedrich as he submitted them to DC Comics. He started working as a writer for DC in 1967 and wrote several stories for various titles. He started working for Marvel Comics in the early 70's and worked in some of the most nototious titles from that company.

After a brief contribution to an independent publisher, Friedrich and his partner Joe Field started organizing the annual event WonderCon, which started in 1987. They owned the event for 15 years, until they decided to sell it to Comic-Con International in 2001.

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