Mike "Machine" Gunn is the clone of one of Boss Moxie's original henchmen created in the modern age for Moxie by Dabney Donovan.[1]

While he normally goes by "Machine" or "Mister" Gunn his romantic interest Torcher occasionally calls him Mike as does Moxie when he's being very serious. He's been killed and replaced by another clone on multiple occasions, making his romance with Torch seem eternal to at least one of Donovan's other creations, a modified clone named "Macho Gato".[1][2]


  • Transformation: Gunn can slightly shift the shape of his hands and fire bone projectiles or "bullets" from them.


  • Power Limitation: His hands can painfully overheat making them temporarily unusable and the rate at which he can grow his "bullets" is limited, though still very fast.[3][2]



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