Quote1 I have a life to lead. Fungus can care for itself. And so, I believe, can the plants. Quote2
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Miki is the originally masculine Avatar of "Mycos", also known as The Grey, having gone through the ritual of Locum for centuries from the 16th Century through to the 21st Century.

For centuries, she had been working alongside the Sureen to prolong her human life through the rite of Locum, until, having taken on her favorite, female body, she met with Alec Holland, who, tricked into taking on the body of the fatally poisoned Hans Leider, was desperate to get his avatar body back.[1]

Miki attempted to get Alec to accept his human life and let plants fend for themselves, as she had let fungi fend for itself. However, he disagreed, and after taking his plant-based body back, he forced her to take back the mantle of the avatar and abandon her female body.[2]

With the rise of The Metal, Miki continued to reside in Bangalore, hoping to get information on how to reunite herself with a human host through the texts of the Sureen. However, with some prodding from the Machine Queen of The Rithm and the promise of revenge against Alec, she allied herself with the cause of the new machine kingdom, even taking on a body with mechanical armor over her fungal form.[3]

Aiding the Metal, she entered a sexual encounter with both the Machine Queen and Anton Arcane of The Rot to desecrate the bones of Alec Holland's human body, giving them a connection to The Green, and also providing their agent with the powers of the Metal, Rot, and Grey. Arriving in Houma with them, Miki corrupted Guarav with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a fungus usually used to possess ants, thereby forcing him to do the will of The Rithm by way of Miki. After forcing him to break open the Green for them to enter, with Swamp Thing distracted while fighting his human body, Miki infiltrated alongside her compatriot avatar and former avatar, fighting off Capucine and Brother Jonah while Arcane regained the favor of the Parliament of Decay and subsequently began to corrupt the Green from within with his newly regained powers.[4]


  • Unique Physiology: As the Avatar of the Grey, Miki has a body composed of fungus, and can transport himself through fungi throughout the world as well as force its growth.[2]
  • As Miki's gender varies from body to body, the character will be referred to according to their current gender (presently, female) rather than just the original male gender.



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