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Milagro Reyes is the younger sister of Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle.

Life was normal for her, until her brother unknown to them was taken away by Booster Gold to help locate Brother Eye.

The sudden disappearance of her brother caused a uproar to her parents that, like herself, thought he ran away. Things got worse as her father was shot as he was trying to stop a fight. Somewhere that year she eventually moved to her brother's bigger room. Milagro had the fright of her life when a young man in rags sneaked into her room through the window. She and her parents learned it was Jaime returning after a year's absence.

Her brother at first had no idea he was away for a year. Equally to him he was gone only one night helping the Justice League in space. Their parents thought he was on drugs.

Milagro started to panic after witnessing Jaime firing up his scarab armor, convincing them in a not that subtle way. She ran away in horror but was calmed down by her shocked mother.