Quote1 Goof God. I thought it was going to be a nice quiet day. Running the world really shouldn't be this hard. Quote2
-- Miles Craven src

A career spymaster, Miles Craven is the director of I.O., a clandestine agency which protects the American republic by every means within its reach. He is married to Julian, a New York resident who is broadly aware of his job and who offers a sympathetic ear.[1] At some point in the past, he was the officer who welcomed Michael Cray into I.O.[2] In 2015, he attended a gathering in Zagreb, Croatia,[1] (which may be connected to the "Druga Event"[3]) where he and his husband met Henry Bendix, the homophobic head of Skywatch, a secret space program.

Everybody Is Looking Up

Regarding the ethos of the HALO Corporation as a threat to I.O.'s plan of the future, he commissioned a plan of market destabilization, and, when that failed, he ordered the assassination of its CEO, Jacob Marlowe. However, the mission went sideways, with Marlowe being saved by a mysterious woman in a morphing suit of armor.[4]

Craven recognised the woman as an underling of his, Angela Spica - and crucially, recognised the designs in her armor as being partially derived from technology in I.O. custody - technology that I.O. had signed treaties with Skywatch to not investigate. Needing to cover up his agency's crime, Miles assigned agents to retrieve it - the "Razors 3" covert action team (CAT),[3] and his top assassin, Michael Crayy.[2] However, Razors 3 were ambushed by a wildcat group of rogue operators, and Michael Cray turned down the mission on moral grounds. In an act of petty revenge, Miles revoked Cray's medical insurance. Later, he reconsidered, and sent a pair of assassins to kill Cray.[5]

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis

Meanwhile, Miles was funding "Hightower", an I.O. research site developing 'machine telepathy' - the ability to read minds using machines.[6] Miles' staff floated the idea that the wild CAT might be working for Skywatch, but he dismissed this theory as not-yet-proven.[7]


Miles Craven was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, first appearing in Darker Image #1. However, in The Wild Storm continuity Miles Craven first appeared in The Wild Storm #1 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt.



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