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Military Comics #42 is an issue of the series Military Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1945.

Synopsis for Blackhawk: "A Jap Mata Hari"

Appearing in Blackhawk: "A Jap Mata Hari"


Other Characters:

  • U.S.A. Intelligence Officers


  • Pacific Ocean
    • American Army Intelligence Headquarters
    • Japanese Army Position
    • Japanese Gas Factory (Destroyed)
    • Koru Islands (Mentioned only)


  • Japanese Secret Antiaircraft Gas


Synopsis for Choo Choo and Cherry: "Arizona, Saga of the Wide Open Spaces"

Appearing in Choo Choo and Cherry: "Arizona, Saga of the Wide Open Spaces"

Featured Characters:

  • Choo Choo LaMoe
  • Cherry Lane


Synopsis for Death Patrol: "Herman's Haunted Mill"

Appearing in Death Patrol: "Herman's Haunted Mill"

Featured Characters:

  • Death Patrol, International Super-Assistants
    • Boris
    • Gramps
    • Hank
    • Jackie
    • King Hotintot


  • gang of oil thieves

Other Characters:

  • "Century" Herman, the hermit


  • Herman's old windmill


  • Death Patrol's Five Unique Combat Aircraft

Synopsis for Private Dogtag: "The Princess of Somnoria"

Appearing in Private Dogtag: "The Princess of Somnoria"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Ezra: "Thanks For the Jacket"

Appearing in Ezra: "Thanks For the Jacket"

Featured Characters:

  • Ezra Jones

Synopsis for P.T. Boat: "Fujara, 3rd Round"

Appearing in P.T. Boat: "Fujara, 3rd Round"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Commander Platt, Squadron Commander
    • MTB Squadron Six
      • six PT Crewmen


Other Characters:

  • Lt. Jenkins (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Lt. Mulloy (Appears only as a corpse)


  • South Pacific Ocean
    • MTB-6 Base
    • Island X, Fujara's new secret base


  • Lt.s Jenkins & Molloy's PT Boat
  • Lt.s Tobias & Havey's PT Boat (damaged, abandoned)


  • World War II is almost over in P.T. Boat and in Blackhawk, and is over, in Death Patrol.
  • Being a Blackhawk is dangerous.
    • Blackhawk gets shot down for the ninth time.[1]
    • He also gets slammed hard in the back of the head, with an unseen instrument, and is knocked down, but does not black out. This is his sixth blunt-instrument head trauma, or concussion.[2]
    • Golda dies by Seppuku.
  • Death Patrol: Yogi is still absent. He was last seen in Military Comics #39. Now Del Van Dyne is also absent.
  • PT Boat:
    • Paul and Perry have another fistfight.
    • Both of the lieutenants and their enlisted crewmen go into jungle combat, at night, in white uniforms.
    • Perry Tobias gets wounded with grenade Shrapnel.
  • Also appearing in this issue of Military Comics were:
    • "The Hero of Iceland" (nonfiction text article)
    • Johnny Doughboy by Bernard Dibble


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