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"The First Meeting of the Justice Society of America": This story is reprinted from All-Star Comics #3.

Quote1.png Bragging again, eh? One thing we Justice men don't allow is boasting! We don't like swell heads! Quote2.png
The Flash

Millennium Edition: All-Star Comics #3 is a one-shot with a cover date of June, 2000.

Synopsis for "The First Meeting of the Justice Society of America"

This story is reprinted from All-Star Comics #3.

On November 22nd, 1940, eight super-heroes gather together at a secret location for the first official meeting of the Justice Society of America. Johnny Thunder decides to crash the party and, with the unwitting aid of his magic Thunderbolt, brings all of the heroes together much more quickly than they originally intended. Johnny suggests that they should each tell the tale of their most exciting adventure.

Appearing in "The First Meeting of the Justice Society of America"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Guarding an Heiress"

This story is reprinted from All-Star Comics #3.

Jay Garrick and Joan Williams are having dinner at a New York restaurant when a woman named Mary Rogers approaches them. She tells the couple that her father, treasure-hunter Tim Rogers, has been searching for a legendary sunken ship called the Sancta Joanna. She is concerned, however, because pirates from a rival ship called the Nancy K have been trying to sabotage her father's efforts.

Jay sneaks off to change into the Flash and races to the Panama coast to investigate the scene. Streaking through the water like a torpedo, he manages to find the sunken ruins of the ship. After evading the jaws of a hungry shark, Flash introduces himself to Tim Rogers, who subsequently tells him about the pirates of the Nancy K.

Flash swims after the Nancy K and uses his super-speed as a makeshift propeller in order to steer the ship off course. Boarding the vessel, he races around the deck, confounding the efforts of the armed pirates. He then aims the Nancy K on a direct course for an iceberg.

Returning to Rogers' ship, the Flash aids the man in securing the gold from the hull of the Sancta Joanna.

Appearing in "Guarding an Heiress"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Burly Billy (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Tim Rogers (Flashback only)
  • Mary Rogers (Flashback only)



  • Nancy K, The (Single appearance)
  • Sancta Joanna, The (Single appearance)


  • Outside of the framing sequence at the beginning and end of this issue, all internal stories are told in flashback. The individual adventures take place prior to the formation of the Justice Society.
  • The validity of Red Tornado's involvement with the Justice Society is a matter of interpretation. To date, this is Ma Hunkel's only known direct association with the Justice Society. However, as she was invited to attend the group's first official meeting, it is fair to assume that she was a full-fledged member.
  • Krakatoa is mis-spelled "Krakatao" throughout this issue.
  • Hawkman possesses a weapon called the Hammer of Thor. Whether this weapon is actually the mythical Mjolnir of Norse Legend is unknown.
  • Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt is colored blue in this issue, whereas it's usually colored pink.
  • In this issue, Doctor Fate claims that he was conceived by the elder gods, and as such never had a childhood. This claim contradicts later versions of the Doctor Fate origin story. In one version, he spent twenty-years in the valley of Ur studying under Nabu, and in another, he was instantly aged to adulthood after meeting Nabu as a child.[1]

First Appearances: Ape (Lacy's thug); Bill (a thug); Burly Billy (a pirate); Durant (a millionaire); Edgar Eggwell, Jr. (a criminal); Faversham (a scientist); Lacy (a corrupt police commissioner); Mary Rogers (Tim Roger's daughter); Mazda the Great (a criminal scientist); Mason (police commissioner of Gotham City); Mike (a thug); Mike (Another Thug); Mike (A Photographer); Oom (a villain); Paul Pryer (an investigative reporter); Regina Paige (Mr. Bannermain's niece); Theresa Drew; Tim Rogers (a treasure hunter); Wizard

Final Appearances: Ape; Bill; Burly Billy; Durant; Edgar Eddwell, Jr.; Faversham; Lacy; Mason; Mazda the Great (dies in this issue); Paul Pryer; Regina Paige; Mike; Mike; Mike; Theresa Drew; Tim Rogers; Wizard (dies in this issue)


  • America vs. the Justice Society #1 establishes that the first (Pre-Crisis) meeting of the Justice Society of America takes place on November 22nd, 1940. To date, no modern information has been provided to challenge this date as the first meeting of the JSA.
  • The Atom makes reference to the fact that Batman, Robin and Superman were invited to the meeting as well, but were unable to attend because they were busy patrolling. This scene indicates that all three were considered as founding members of the Justice Society. Superman and Batman will team-up with their fellow JSA members in a Hop Harrigan text story featured in All-Star Comics #8. Robin will not become an official member of the JSA until well into adulthood.

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