"Orion Fights for Earth!": This story is reprinted from New Gods #1.

Millennium Edition: New Gods #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of June, 2000.

Synopsis for "Orion Fights for Earth!"

This story is reprinted from New Gods #1.

In Supertown, The Source leaves a message in fire on Highfather's wall: "Orion to Apokolips -- Then to Earth -- Then to WAR." Orion journeys to Apokolips, fights a masse of Parademons, and infiltrates Darkseid's inner sanctum. He finds Darkseid is currently off-planet, but has left Kalibak to defend his throne. Metron shows up and knocks Kalibak out before Orion can, then reveals to him Darkseid's plan to scan the minds of all the people of Earth in search of the Anti-Life Equation. Orion rescues some humans already trapped in Darkseid's lair, then journeys by Boom Tube to Earth and gets ready to fight the dreaded Darkseid.

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