"The New Teen Titans": This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans #1.

Millennium Edition: New Teen Titans #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2000.

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This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans #1.

A Gordanian slave envoy carries the Tamaranian princess Koriand'r to be sold to an unknown buyer. Koriand'r however, breaks free of her bonds and steals a shuttle pod. She escapes to Earth and lands in New York's East side where she is found by Grant Wilson. Meanwhile, the Empath known as Raven begins gathering heroes to form a new group of Teen Titans. She gathers Robin, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Cyborg and Kid Flash in an effort to rescue the team's final member Starfire (Koriand'r) from alien capture. The Gordanians arrive on Earth and begin attacking the United Nations building. The Teen Titans fight them off forcing them to retreat through a space rift. The Titans follow them onto the ship where Cyborg rewires the engine systems causing it to explode. They find Starfire and invite her onto the team, much to the chagrin of Grant Wilson.


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